Content Management Systems

With recognized performance at agencies such as NASA, we specialize in the development and operations of Content Management System (CMS), specifically Drupal’s Open Atrium distribution for your web portal requirements. We support our customers in creating and managing their digital content, assets, and records across the enterprise and web applications. Our CMS experts facilitate collaboration in the workplace, providing end users with role-based access to digital assets. SURE SECURE helps its current customers with training end users to control creation, modification and deletion of their content. We work with our customers for new template and space development, patching for Open Atrium, addition of new modules, functionalities and add-ons and maintaining the secure environment for content management functions.

Our team has proven expertise in creating a customized Platform as a Service (PaaS) service ordering sytem “market place” space for potential customers to build and order and UberCart type functionality used to build and submit the order. The requests are managed using web forms cutting down the need to maintain online pdf forms and increasing productivity and responsiveness. This type of effort results in increased usage and traffic to the web pages.

SURE SECURE provides independent advice, support, and reporting for government portals and associated CMS software as well as additional software utilities and processes involved in content management and operations of their websites.