Infrastructure Security

Sure Secure has deep expertise in Infrastructure Security, including Reverse Engineering, Host/Network Forensics, Exploit Sample Analysis, and Malicious Document Analysis.

Web Infrastructure Security

We understand that network and infrastructure are the backbone of an organization’s enterprise. Network or infrastructure issues translate into business problems. It is imperative that organizations of all sizes have a dependable, responsive, and secure network and infrastructure to support their business. We partner with our clients to ensure end-to-end security across dynamic web infrastructure.

Application Security

Organizations are confronted by internal and external security risks every day. Ensuring application security requires a multi faceted and proactive approach. Banking on our expertise, we protect access, execution and modification of critical applications and processes.

Server and Operating System Hardening

Organizations require server and OS hardening for Information Assurance at all levels of their processes. We protect host resources against threats and vulnerabilities by developing a secure server and OS framework.

Directory Services

Organizations having secure directory services ensure smooth functioning of applications through a solid platform. We enable comprehensive management of authentication, authorization, and policies pertaining to directory services.

Audit Logging

We develop systems for recording tamper-proof activity trails that meet audit compliance requirements.

Compliance Monitoring

We provide compliance monitoring services for timely reporting of non-compliance risks within organizations.