Cloud Computing

SURE SECURE provides innovative solutions for improving our customers Infrastructure and Cloud Security service offering and performance of web services through innovative Open Source and Cloud technologies using proven best practices and industry standards.

Cloud computing is a major feature of the President’s Cloud First initiative to modernize IT. Cloud computing has the capability to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure by utilizing commercially available technology that is based on virtualization of servers, databases and applications to allow for considerable capital cost savings. Sure Secure works with our federal customers focusing on implementing cloud technologies that increase efficiencies by optimizing common services and solutions across the enterprise using data center consolidation initiatives and application migrations.

Our service offerings include:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) Service

Subject Matter Expertise (SME) services include Architecture reviews, compliance, governance and planning such as for https-only OMB mandates, IPV6 architecture planning and implementations, CLIN and service catalog based ordering for PaaS products and Security internal control reviews of the PaaS environment.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Service

Subject Matter expertise includes Compliance and Governance, Oversight for SaaS products such as Atlassian DevOps, Google Apps for Work (GaFW), review and assessment for, Drupal as a Service (DaaS) architecture and governance.

  • Overall Project Oversight and Assistance

Our Team works with the potential customers to gather requirements, work and finalize Rough Order of Magnitude (ROMs) and assist on customer Chargebacks and Procurement Strategy support for our federal government customers



NASA Web Services

Sure Secure Solutions has provided Infrastructure and Cloud Architecture and Security services to NASA since December 2012 and is currently assisting Cloud Computing optimization efforts for NASA Web Services Team in building a secure cloud architecture with well-defined security policies and standards in place as well as creating adequate practices for auditing cloud environments. We have been supporting NASA to address any security compliance concerns and provide a secure and isolated environment for specific projects by identifying risks and ensuring that these risks are addressed using the POA&M process.

This helps NASA bring about consistency in SA&A processes and FISMA reporting and facilitates centralized support and troubleshooting related to SA&A process.. It also improves operational support provided by the NASA Security Operations Center and Network Operations Centers (NOCs).